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Hey Everyone,

I have no idea if anyone is reading this but from what I hear on internet land the H.M.S. LJ is a bit in trouble. So I decided to back up my LJ. My new addy is



Retail Rant Part 1

Okay Yall,
This has been building in me for quite a long time. And with the holidays shortening peoples tempers I am going to throw this out there. I work in a large retail chain store and I see it all good and bad. And here are a few things I would like to rant about that we as workers their really hate the customers doing.

Okay, now I should have probably waited on this one but I am just going to get it out of the way now. We do not shut down the cashiers just to tick you off. Nor do we send them away just to make YOU have to go to a different lane. We get, by law, 15 minute breaks every couple of hours and if we don't take them we get tired and wore out just like the rest of the world. We are not trying to avoid you.

This one kinda goes with the first but I want to elaborate a little. Like any business we are only allotted so much in resources. We can not make them give us more associates at a moments notice. Nor can we control how many we have working on a day. Yes it might not make sense why we have only X number of cashiers on this day. But if that is what we are told then that is all we can do.

Okay, any store has so many items it can have in stock at any time. Well let me assure you, we do what we can to have the shelves filled as much as we can. Now I will grant you that there are big honking TVs in the back sometimes that may have been forgotten and such. But for the most part, if we have it we will get it out. WE DO NOT HIDE PRODUCTS FROM YOU. Yes I have heard this, now admitingly on some electronic items it might be true despite policy and all. And for that I am sorry. But I personally don't have a pressing need for a Baby Alive doll so I am not hiding it for you. And also, no we can't have one waiting for you as you were thinking "I want one of X for my kids or me". Last I checked our mutant powers have not kicked in yet so we can not read your frakking mind.

Now honestly I want to say that we have a lot of kids in the store that are pretty well behaved. And I know sometimes they get grumpy and want to run and stuff. But if they are sitting there screaming their heads off, would you please stop talking to who ever you are with and control them!!!! I mean i know sometimes they just go off and there is nothing you can do. Or you have tried everything. Well then you know what, TAKE THEM OUTSIDE OR BUY THEM THE FREAKING CANDY BAR THEY WANT. Whatever it takes to get them to calm down, because yes people hear you and yes people don't like headaches because you can't get your kid to stop yelling.

I think that is it for now, I am sorry about the caps but dang it. This is my blog.

Twilight Rant

Okay here I go. I have honestly been trying not to make a post about twilight because I honestly haven't read it. I listened to a little of the audiobook and it wasn't my cup of tea. Now I will admit that it isn't aimed at me, more females and young adult all that. Personally, give me Anita Blake. But even leaving out the book itself, I am more ranting about the madness that is following the books. And lets not forget about the movie coming out in a bit.

Okay here is the thing for me. Just like any fad, which we haven't had a huge one in a while, everyone is going frakking crazy over twilight. Girls have made custom t-shirts and hoodies. A search of iTunes showed a ton of twilight podcasts (but admittingly there are a ton of Harry Potter podcasts too but still) and everyone is going nuts. I can't count the copies we sell at my work.

But here is what drives me nuts, everyone is treating this like it is the only vampire novels out there. Um people, just so you know, there was a lady called Anne Rice who started this whole thing. Not to mention My Lady Laurel K Hamilton and Christen Feehan (Forgive bad spelling). They have been doing this for a long time now and yet popular though they maybe they haven't hit like twilight has. But yet no one seems to acknowledge that. That I guess is what drives me nuts about all this.

Also there is everyone's general behavior of some of the fans of the books. Now there are always "good fans" and "bad fans" of anything. I mean some of the people I have know who play World Of Warcraft can be jerks and grab the item immedately when it drops. But I still have issues when I keep hearing such negative stuff out of the twilight people.

One of the shows I listen to online had someone at the big Comic Con in San Diego. Apparently there was a twilight panel which is no real shock. But the big thing was that the twilight peeps where apparently really rude and obnoxious to some of the other attendees. And I just read a bit ago about how an autograph session went out of control with people being smashed against the windows and such in the mall it was so crowded.

Okay, you are a fan and all. But two things please. Calm down just a smidgen and act with some common sense PLEASE. And also recogonize that there are other vampire books out there that have been around a while. So please don't think twilight is the only one that has does vampires. Okay I am better now.

(Sorry if I offended anyone but dang it these are my thoughts on my blog)

"Evil Will Always Win Because Good Is Dumb"

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to write a post about something that has been bugging me for a while so I thought I would try to getting it written down.

I just got through watching Spaceballs for the umptenth time and there is a line in the movie that I always chuckle at. Obviously that line is the title for this post. But the reason this makes me chuckle is that my friends always seem to really love that line. They are all good guys, everyone of them. And I would fight and die next to them. But when it comes to video games and the such the tend to be evil SOBs. And they tend to use the quote above as their guide. 

Now I am not saying that anyone should play a game this way or that. I mean half the fun of games is to play them your way. Especially now with the advanced consoles that allow you to pick your paths. 

But I will be the first to admit that I tend to be the good guys when I play my games (Unless the lead character is a not nice person, i.e. Assassian's Creed). From Lightsaber to Sword to Gun I am usually the valiant hero. That is what I enjoy play. But I would say most of my friends take great joy in being the evil Sith or the Follower of Darkness or whatever. And they constantly rag on me about me being the "do-gooder", using the Spaceballs quote against me.

But in the movie, THE GOOD GUYS WIN. I mean, you are going to sit there and throw that quote at me and yet they seem to ignore the fact that the good guys win. Now yes in some of the games the bad guys can win. But overall, the good guys seem to pull it out. But yet everyone loves that line...I'm done.


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Greetings All,
I want to take some time to post about a wonderful trip my lovely GF B arranged sometime back. See, I am a big fan of the MLB team the Seattle Mariners. For a while, I was living in washington state and really became a fan of them. Ever since I have tried to keep up with them as best I can. Even this past christmas she got me a bunch of Mariners ball caps that are really nice.

Well back in March B sits me down and shows me a picture online. I look at the pic and figure out it is a baseball stadium but can't really make out much more than that. Well she informs be that it is Progressive Field out of Cleveland Ohio. And then she opens her ebay page and shows me that she has bought tickets to the Seattle Mariners At Cleveland game. I couldn't believe it. I have never been to a real MLB game ever, and to be able to go to a game of my favorite team. I was like, holy cow.

Well, from then and when the game was in August, we tried to save what we could and we arranged to make a day trip out of it. Well we packed an awesome picnic lunch and made our way on our road trip. Well we went along and were making very good time when we stopped for our lovely lunch. Mac & Cheese, our lovely huge italian sub (homemade, mmmmm) and for desert. Three words, Oreo No Bake. Well we pigged out and had a great lunch then I took over the driving duties while Beth nappped for a while.

Well a few hours later we arrived in cleveland, and after some hair pulling (my fault) we found the parking garage and made our way inside. Oh wow, I had never been in a real baseball stadium and this place was really nice. Well we collected our bobble head and programs and we made our way to our seats. Well, our tickets freaking rocked and were above the vistors (Mariners) dugout. And we were in the bottom sections and again the view was awesome.

Well we were next to some very nice people but we were still a couple of Mariners fans in a sea of Cleveland. Well the Mariners scored the first run of the game and I found myself celebrating quietly. Well as it went on Cleveland scored some and it was a bit back and forth. At one point there was a call about a Mariner who interfered with the ball in play. And I am sure end the end, that was to blame for Cleveland losing. But in the end lose they tid to my Might Mariners.

It was a close game but we ended up pulling out two hits at the last moment in the 10th to get the win. All I could do was just sit there glowing as they had won on my birthday trip. I even got some awesome shots of my favorite player Ichiro Suzuki at the plate in his batting stance that I was happy about. Forgive the lack of exact play by play but it was a great game and we had a awesome time.

Well from there we went to have dinner at Olive Garden resturant after a quick change of clothes. Oh my the food, it was wonderful. And we got some awesome cake as well. Of course B told the nice lady it was my birthday dinner so I got the whole singing at the table thing. And then the lady said we had come from the game so that made it even better. But we had a great meal and picked up a couple of things for B's mom and we started our journey back home.

Journey however might be the wrong word, it turned more into a quest. After about an hour we got really lost because we forgot to print out the return trip directions and were kinda winging it. Well we got some different help here and there and slowly made our way back. Ending up finding a road that a guy told us to go straight on and it would take us all the back to kentucky and almost home.

The only problem was that the speed limit was 55 and it took forever. Of course we could have sped up a bit more, but fate likes to pick on me the moment things seem clear so I didn't want to take a chance. We ended up passing through (I think) U of O on the way, it seemed to be party night as we went through. After a while B was fading so I took over and we ended up hitting a gas station for a potty break and the guy assured us we were on the right road so we kept going.

Eventually, and I do mean eventually we got to about an hour or so away from home and I finished us up and we got home and I put away the food as we passed out. The end of a very, very good day.


General Update

Hey All,

I thought I would toss out a small update. Nothing really special at the moment other than school is back in session. I am really looking forward to this semester. I have some really cool classes. I just need to try and stay focused.

I never realized how hard it is to try to stay focues on something. Now I don't mean my school work but I have some writing projects and things that I have been trying to get going on and it is just so distracting with everything. I know I can do it, just takes a bit to sit down and do it.

Oh well, if Mur can do it darn it.

Anyways I think that is it for now.


The Dark Knight

Greetings All,
This post is all about The Dark Knight, and I should warn you all it will be spoiler filled. You have been warned.

Okay, with all that out of the way here we go. Oh my goodness. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. And the fact it is a movie about Batman makes it all the better. I say this because it honestly doesn't come across to me as a comic book movie. It comes across as an amazing drama and action movie that has larger than life characters like Batman and the Joker in it.

As for the characters, I thought everyone rocked out. You watch them on screen and they are who they are supposed to be. Harvey Dent rocked as the new White Knight of Gotham. And the scene in the courtroom was great. And the new Rachel I thought did a great job. Of course I have been a fan of hers for a while so I am a bit biased. But I really thought she did a great job as Rachel.

Now on to The Joker. Oh my lord did Heath steal the whole movie. I mean when he first shows up in the bank that is great. But the clincher is "The Magic Trick". Damn was that cool, perhaps a bit twisted but really frakking cool. And he was really amazing as a character as well. That one character who escalated everything in Gotham. The man who drove Batman to the breaking point and beyond. Wow. And the story about his scars gets more interesting every time you hear it.

"Some people, just want to watch the world burn."

I could honestly go on for quite a while about this move. But let me say that it is just awesome and everyone should see it. Period.

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Greetings To You All,
Heck, I don't know if anyone is still reading this but I don't care. Well school is coming upon be again. I really dropped the ball this last semister. I really don't know what is up with that but I did. Well time to move on, this semister is ready and I am really going to try to reapply myself. I don't know what scares me about growing up a bit but it terrifies me. I don't know....

Moving on...

Okay, I am going to go on a bit of a rant here. Shocker I know,but here we go.

Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana herself. Okay I admit that I am not the target Disney demographic but good god that girl is everywhere. Now I heard her sing somewhere and I got to say that she is pretty good. But that is not the subject of this rant, even ignoring that whole marketing blitz that surrounds her. But again this is not the rant.

What is the rant is a headline I saw on one of those celebrity magazines. The headline was the "Dark Side Of Miley" or something along those lines. Well I took a moment to browse this headline and really didn't see that much shocking for a girl of 15. It showed that she is a fan of "Sex And The City". Well I was a fan a movies with lots of violence in them but I turned out mostly normal. But oh wait, I am not being sponosored by the Disney Channel.

Moving on there was some sort of YouTube video or something that her and a friend did being silly an apparently picking on Shakira. Mm, people being silly on the internet. Never heard of that happening.  Also she was performing at a concert once and was in a little plaid mini skirt and danced very "risque". Oh gee, that again never happens. I was at my local fair here at my school area and these girls were on stage giving in all sorts of wrong ways.

I have two things to wrap this up about, first about Miley, second about celebrities.

First, get over it. I mean Miley is only 15, why does she have to be sugar sweet 24/7. She can't have some fun. I mean of course everyone was complete innocent when they were her age and never got into trouble. So okay she watches Sex And The City. Ummm, what does it really matter to us. I mean if Billy Ray and Momma Ray lets her watch it then who the heck are we to judge. I mean my mother raised me on sci-fi and such and never really "monitored" my TV watching. But you know what she did, she taught me about right and wrong. She taught me what was acceptable behavior and what was not. So if the parents are okay, then every one else should chill.

Secondly is my rant on celebs in general. Here is a question for everyone. Since when do celebs have to be squeeky clean. I mean just because they are rich and famous does not mean that they abide by the same morales and values that everyone else does. I mean one would like to believe that they are good in all things, but there is no law written or unwritten that makes celebs have to be this perfect being.

But yet we are so shocked and shaken when celebs do what is considered bad or sinful. I mean again, no one said they had to be perfect and holy but yet apparently they have to be. Huh, news to me. That is all.

GRRRRRRR (Lots of Rants & Geekery)

Hey everyone,
I am just so annoyed right now that I want to vent. My personal finance class just ticks me off. God, if I read "methodolgy not shown" on a test again I am going to rip someones head off!!!!! Now I am doing quite well in the class and I am happy with my grade but my professor drives me up a freaking wall. Between him trying to be funny or feeling insulting by him i just don't want to go. I understand how important this stuff is and all but he believes that this should be the most important things in our lives totally. Nothing else should matter but this damn class.

Well I got news for you bucko, I have a life outside of personal finance. I have a life that doesn't revolve around stocks and bonds and economics and crap. Again I am not saying that one shouldn't have knowledge in these fields. But it is not my major and I am not going to obsess over it like he wants us to!!!!!!

Okay I think I have that out of my system. Hmmm, what to discuss. Well let me elaborate a little about what I was saying in my last post.
I was saying that there was so much drama over my favorite computer game franchise and I am referring to the Fallout series. Fallout was a wonderful computer RPG that was made in the early 90s. In the game the world has been nuked but there were survivors who went into underground cities called Vaults that were self sustaining. Well in Vault 13 the water purification chip has died and you must go out into the world and recover a replacement.

You have no idea what has been going on outside of the vault because it is all you know. But you have been chosen none the less, so out you go into the fray. You meet a wonderful world with amazing creatures and great characters that make an awesome game that still has crazy fanboys to this day. Of which I am one.

Now in a awesome move, Bethesda (the company who made The Elder Scrolls VI Oblivion) has picked up and is making Fallout 3. I find this freaking awesome because I love Oblivion and I think they will make Fallout awesome. I have seen some info and I will admit they are changing a few things here and there but they are keeping the essence of what makes Fallout great. But as usual, the hardcore fanbois are freaking out that their beloved franchise is being tampered with.

Well I am sorry to all of you but you know what. GET OVER IT!!!!! Interplay, the company who originally made Fallout is mostly dead. So for anyone to pick up the Fallout franchise only brings our beloved back to life. Also the Bethesda people are all (or at least 90 %) Fallout fans themselves. Another thing of note is taking a computer RPG and putting it on a console is going to require some design changes. The original was from a top down/third person perspective that I really don't seeing working well in this more advanced gaming age.

You will get to create your character in F3 with even more detail then you did in F1 but for some reason the fact that it is now in a default First Person view (ala Halo or Resistance if you are a PS3 person) this is a terrible thing. To me I think this is a wonderful change, I see this as being able to see more of the wonderful world that is the Falloutverse.

But of course no matter what the medium there are always those hardcore ones who whine and moan and whine and moan. Be it the LOTR fans who were angry that Tom Bombaldi was cut, to this or that being cut from the Potter movies. Everyone has their passions and I do as well. But I guess I am more accepting of change, or at least attempting to understand why they did the change. I mean I would have liked every page and every iota of info from the LOTR books put in the movies. But you can only do so much....



What is with all the drama in the world. I mean I just sent B out and was wandering around the net. So much drama everywhere you turn. From the state of world affairs to some squabbles over one of my favorite video game franchises. I will elaborate on that later, but still so much drama. Geez.

Okay I don't really have any solution to the drama problem. But I just wish everyone would chill out a little. Just the thoughts of a rambling Hobbit.